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The information below provides linked examples of Anatomy Facts Web Pages Listed in the drop down projects menu above. We are still developing these resources so please be patient. If you would like to help with this site please inquire under the contact drop down down menu under "Help with this site". Click the subheadings "Information" and "SIgn Up Now!!" to help build a great Web resource.

v                                   Learn Your Muscles

                                     This is a quick and easy way to learn and or review all the muscles in the human body. The visually intuitive graphical interface is easy to use and has many features to explore.

v                                   Muscle References-Muscle Illustrations

                                     In the Projects drop down menu above you will notice 5 links to Web pages in this section e.g. Muscular Anatomy, Muscle Discussion, Muscle Illustrations (Use the colored link above to explore), Muscle Bone Attachments and Muscle Groups. These pages are the references linked to the Graphical Learn Your Muscles pages.

v                                   General References-Orthopedic Test Illustrations

                                     There are the equivalent of hundreds of pages of material in the General Reference section in the projects drop down menu above. These materials provide additional references including Orthopedic Test Illustrations (Use the colored link above to explore), Neurological Anatomy, Muscle Testing, Trigger Point Therapy, Musculoskeletal Examination and much more. This knowledge is a mouse click away.

v                                   Links to External Web Sites-Statistics

                                     Explore the link above to review your statistical knowledge. The links to external Web sites are found in the projects drop down menu above.

                                     These online resources include Algebra Tutoring, Research Guidelines and Methods, Anatomy and Physiology and Orthopedic Textbooks all online to increase your knowledge with ease.

v                                   Soft Tissue Techniques-Deep Tissue Massage

                                     This section will include a wide variety of soft tissue techniques from diverse fields including Physical Therapy, Orthopedics, Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, and Massage Therapy.

v                                   SUMMARY

                                     Visually intuitive graphical interface for muscle Learning

                                     Muscle reference section includes textual and graphically rich illustrations of muscle anatomy.

                                     General References include hundreds of pages of additional diverse references.

                                     External Web Site Links and Soft Tissue Techniques Sections complete this comprehensive Web resource.